The Team

Team 2021

From left to right: Silvia Pozzi, Razan Sheta, Romina Barreto, Alessandra Pecora

From top: From left to right: Melanie Alpaugh, Coralie Bergeron, Sara Pedro, Morgan Bérard, Naomie Linteau, Maxime Teixeira. From bottom: From left to right: Alina Marymonchyk, Natija Deeb, Raquel Rodriguez Aller, Filippo Ferrario, Amélie Poulin-Brière,Maxime Desmarais


· Melanie Alpaugh

· Coralie Bergeron

· Sara Pedro

· Morgan Bérard

· Naomie Linteau

· Maxime Teixeira

· Alina Marymonchyk

· Natija Deeb

· Raquel Rodriguez Aller

· Filippo Ferrario

· Amélie Poulin-Brière

· Maxime Desmarais

Team 2020

From left to right: Razan Sheta, Pooja Shree Mishra, Romina Barreto, Silvia Pozzi

Organizing team:

· Silvia Pozzi

· Razan Sheta

· Romina Barreto

· Pooja Shree Mishra

· Linda-Lara Jacabo

From front: From left to right: Irene Anastasia, Raquel Rodriguez Aller, Natija Deeb, Alessandra Pecora, Melanie Alpaugh, Laura Martínez Drudis, Naomie Linteau, Gisell Pazmino. From back: From left to right: Maxime Teixeira, Charles Gora, Walid Idi


· Melanie Alpaugh

· Irene Anastasia

· Gisell Pazmino

· Naomie Linteau

· Maxime Teixeira

· Natija Deeb

· Raquel Rodriguez Aller

· Alessandra Pecora

· Laura Martínez Drudis

· Charles Gora

· Walid Idi

Volunteer photographer:

· Revathy Guruswamy

Majority of photos published on the website from our 2020 event were kindly taken by Ms. Revathy


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